I am writing these days because I can no longer not write (good way to start right? using a double negative?). And I am tired. Tired of feeling like I am just not good enough and always missing the mark.

I am mess. We all have things in our make up that lead us into messy situations and inevitably to live messy lives. Real life is not how you perceive the lives you see on Facebook, Pinterest or in magazines. From my friends in Africa to my neighbours down the road, we are all the same. And we are all a mess.

We will never have perfect lives. In fact, we may miss the beauty amidst our messy lives if we are always striving for a better _______ here, a cleaner ______ there or a skinnier ________ everywhere.

This is my living room last Saturday:  

Pinterest tells me the sign on my mantel is uncentered.  Parenting blogs warn me of the dangers of kids with scissors.  The general public wonders why there is a tupperware dish full of rocks on the floor.    Now, I don’t want to be a slackactivist – I really don’t.  But perspective is everything.  Those rocks – diamonds according to the boys –  were collected to sell to neighbours ($1 per rock – what a steal!).  My son is building himself a cardboard car box, using his imagination!

I am moving from the path of let-me-just get-this-all-perfect-in-here-and-then-I-can-put-myself-out-there to the path of a-burden-shared-is-more-easily-carried. I no longer want to strive for perfection but instead want to strive to form relationships and community where we can walk side-by-side, stumbling forward all the while knowing we will never, ever get where we are going and therefore can take our time, listen to each other stories and appreciate the views along the way.

I don’t know where this will all go….but I am taking a risk. I imagine A Recipe for Messiness being a place to share stories, support one another and I don’t know…maybe just do life together?